Postpartum Peri Bottle


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πŸ’• A SPRITZ FOR YOUR LADYBITS! Get gentle, post partum perineal care with our brand-new product, a 450 ml portable peri bottle with perfectly angled 18 cm spout to help you during those uncomfortable days and weeks after childbirth.

πŸ’• EASY TO USE - EVEN IF SLEEP DEPRIVED! Simply lock the spout firmly into place, fill with warm water (and a little witch hazel if desired), then invert, point, squeeze and spray where needed. The extra long 18cm spout means no need for awkward bending to get into the correct position. The Ninja Mama Peri Bottle will only spray when you are ready.

πŸ’• NO NEED FOR REFILLING MID BATHROOM BREAK! With a 450ml capacity the Ninja Mama Peri Bottle ensures you have plenty of spray at your fingertips.

πŸ’• PORTABLE AND DISCREET! With its retractable, spout (bringing the size down for traveling to just under 20cm in height) and pretty water-resistant bag, you can take your Ninja Mama Peri Bottle with you anywhere, making for convenient and effective post partum care when and where you need it. Just empty the contents, toss it into your nappy bag and you’re good to go!

πŸ’• A NECESSITY FOR YOUR LABOUR HOSPITAL BAG! Beautifully packaged and designed by us as experienced Aussie mums, a Ninja Mama Peri Bottle is the perfect addition to your hospital bag. This of course means it’s the ideal baby shower gift for a mum to be . Place in a basket of gifts, on a nappy cake or give as a gift on its own.