Beryl The Brahman - Hardcover Book

Beryl The Brahman

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  • Beryl was raised as a part of our family after becoming orphaned at birth in August 2015. Immediately her big personality and desire for connection was evident in the way she interacted with us. From “camping up” with us (inside the house and out) to sleeping and playing with the dogs, sneaking inside to steal mouthfuls of calf milk and indulging in Jatz biscuits - she basically just wanted to be around us as much as she could. Today she is 6 years old, has had two calves of her own and lives in a paddock with other cattle just outside our kitchen window. She has survived floods and a traumatic birth and now she has inspired a kids book that we truly hope you will love.
    Thankyou so much for visiting our little page and taking interest in her story. We are so excited that “Beryl” will get welcomed into so many homes and we hope you fall in love with her, just as we did all those years ago.


    Sally Jo Webster - Author

  • Born and raised on a cattle station north of Julia Creek Queensland, Sally has spent her life on the land gaining a huge love and appreciation for it and the Brahman cattle she works with. Married to her husband Jake and proud mum of two adventurous boys Clancy (4) and Jack (18 months) Sally’s days are never dull. Stepping out of her comfort zone and taking on the challenge of writing a children’s book has been an amazing journey for Sally. Ever since Beryl joined her family and has been shared with the world, Sally has always been adament that it is “just for fun.” Sally hopes you and your children can gain a little bit of the fun Beryl brings to her family’s life from this new book.


    Kate Rutter - Illustrator

    Growing up on a family‐run property near Werris Creek NSW, Kate always made the time to sit & draw even though horse riding & participating in farm work was high on her agenda.
    Cartoons have always felt like home to Kate, influenced by rural life, farming, animals & beautiful memories of time spent with her grandfather on the farm.
    Kate’s upbringing was very enjoyable & her Pa’s stories intrigued & entertained her. His funny yarns were often shared with Kate down the paddock while he crutched an old ewe & she applied the fly powder.
    These days Kate is the wife of a crop farmer & mother of two girls living on a farm not far from where she grew up. A self‐taught artist whose cartoons & illustrations have kept her busy at home since having her first child in 2012. She has entered her drawings into Art Shows, completed picture books & been involved in some fun, varying commission work. Humour is very important to Kate & she likes to incorporate it whenever she can.